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2023 - The Year of Restoration

We have declared 2023, the Year of Restoration through the leadership of the Holy Spirit and are standing on Lamentations 2:22-25 and Joel 2:25-26. The time has come for you to rise and shine like God designed for you to. You were created to be fruitful and rule the earth; so it is not over until you win! When the LORD opens a door, no man can shut it; when the LORD blesses you, nobody can curse you; when He promotes you, no man can ever demote you! May God’s favour surround you as a shield from every direction. We are the Grace Church!

Here at the Grace Church, family is everything as we aim to be there for everyone through different seasons of life by providing a loving, embracing and empowering environment for the church. Our regular services are liberating, engaging and informal with Christ as our only focus. Worship and Praise are at the heart of our services with the word of God both taught and preached under a fresh anointing every time. We believe that the preached word should always be followed by signs and wonders in Jesus’ name. #GraceLife #Restoration23


Come and join us every Sunday at 11:00 am for an experience with God that will change your life forever. Bring a friend and give them the best gift possible. We meet at 891 Great Horton Road, Horton Bank, Bradford BD1 4AQ, United Kingdom.  the heart of the city centre. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our inspiring and anointed church services. The Grace Life awaits you at Grace Church Global and you will surely be glad you came! #Word #Worship #Healing #Salvation #GraceLife #Restoration2023